Google me baby, search me inside out
Google me baby till there ain’t no doubt
Don’t you want to know what I’m all about

Wiki me honey then do it some more
Wiki me now, then you’ll know for sure
I got the kind of love you’ve been searching for

Why don’t you blog me mama, blog me all night long
Blog me baby till I’m too far gone
Keep me logged in honey till the break of dawn

Plug me in, boot me up
Log me in, scroll me down
Queue me up, stream me on
Download me baby ‘till my memory’s gone

Why don’t you browse me baby
Surf me the whole night through
You arouse me baby
When you do me like you do
You got my password honey
You don’t need no secret clue

Gigibyte me baby, byte me till it gigahertz
Gigibyte me mama ‘till you sound my alerts
Don’t you want to know if my hardware works

Tweet me baby you tweet me oh so sweet
Tweet me like a man you knock me off my feet
I won’t unfriend you, if you don’t delete me

Now if you’re just phishing then I’m not your man
Don’t give me no cookies – I won’t give you no spam
You can be sure that this ain’t no scam
Awwww baby baby you know how I am

Bass: Tim Hackbarth
Drums: Kerry Soflay
Electric guitar solo: Sasha Brusin
Hammond organ: Jerry Kovarsky
Electric guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Sax: Rock Hendricks