Original songs from folk to funk


Assorted Chocolates Credits

All songs composed and arranged by Steve Grimes except:
Pase Lo Que Pase, music by Steve Grimes and lyrics by Steve and Mary Anna Grimes.
A Dream Surreal, written by Steve Grimes and Stephen Geyer.
All songs copyright 2017 by Steve Grimes (Lowfat Music) All rights reserved.

Produced by Steve Grimes and Eric Helmkamp
Engineered by Eric Helmkamp.
Additional engineering by:
Tom Lelli – A’ala Recording;
Lynn Peterson – Lahaina Sound
Homero González and Marcel Fernandez – Robert Lang Studios in Seattle ,WA.
Mixed by Eric Helmkamp at Liquid Studios, Maui
Mastered at Independent Mastering, Nashville, TN

Many thanks to all the folks who helped me put this wacky, disparate gumbo of songs together.
I had the privilege of working with stellar musicians and engineers, without whose heart, soul and skills,
this album would have never taken flight. A heartfelt mahalo to each of you for helping take me and my music to a higher level:
Eric Helmkamp, Steve Stusser, Sasha Brusin, Dr. Nat, Joy Fields, Phil Deangelis, Toby Couture, Rick Vito, Kerry Sofaly, Marcos Amorim, Bruce Phares, Billy Peterson, Kelly Covington, Tom Lelli, Pamela Polland, Marty Fera, Joe Caro, Rock Hendricks, Herb Fernandez, Lary Barilleau, Bob Rock, Ricky Peterson, Scott Shelton, John Zangrando, Greg Marsh, Jerry Kovarsky, Lynn Peterson and special appreciation for the patience and love of my incredible wife Mary Anna Grimes.

Cover painting by Victoria Glover (
Graphic design and closeup photography by Steve Grimes
Back cover of Album jacket photo by Bob Bangerter (
Technical graphics assistance from Gill Brooks (
Gourmet chocolates on booklet pages and disc (except Buddha, cowpie, and this page) by Melanie Boudar of Sweet Paradise Chocolatier, Maui, HI.
Front cover of booklet painting by Ken Kennell (
Website design by Elen Gaion (

The Real Deal is dedicated to the amazing life of Fred Turner
Assorted Chocolates is dedicated to the life and artistry of Larry Coryell.

All acoustic guitars, ukuleles, and mandolins played on this album were manufactured by Grimes Guitars.
For more information on Grimes guitars and ukuleles, please visit:

Assorted Chocolates Credits


I heard you been talking ‘bout the things that I do
You don’t pull no punches baby since we’re through
You’re hitting pretty low with the things you say
Don’t matter to you if it’s true

You say I’m drinkin’ and hangin’ with trailer trash
High on the hog, and burnin’ cash
And slinkin’ around all over town
Livin’ it up, then trying to live it down

But don’t tell lies about me
Don’t tell stories that you know ain’t true
Dont tell lies about me
And I won’t tell the truth about you

I could tell a few tales about you
Some things that you’ve done
You know it’s sad but true
But I wouldn’t want that thing hangin’ on my head
Sometimes the truth is better off dead

‘Cause if rumors were rubies and gossip was gold
You’d be dripping in jewels
If I had me a dollar for every lie that you told
And all the times I was your fool

You don’t know how to leave bad enough alone
You love a tall tale like a dog loves a bone
What we had is over and done
But you aint finished havin’ your fun
You want to see how low we can go
But baby I don’t want to play no more

Don’t tell lies- your funky alibis
Cause when it comes to lies- you win the prize
So a word to the wise – don’t tell lies

Bass: Danny M
Drums: Marty Fera
Harmonica: Amos B. Haven
Hammond B3: Ricky Peterson
Electric guitar, vocals: Steve Grimes
Slide guitar, electric lead guitar: Rick Vito
Harmony vocals: Scott Shelton, Steve Grimes


Its all under control
That’s what you tell yourself
You’ll get your life on a roll
Get your heart up on the shelf
You’re on an endless quest
To put lonely to rest
You jump in on a whim
And wish yourself the best

You tend to forget
That you’ve been here before
You paid the debt, with regret
But still you’re back for more

You say “mind over matter”
What were you thinking of?
Even after dreams have shattered
You still can’t get enough

‘Cause the heart has a mind of its own
Always as stubborn as a stone
You think your common sense
Is a formidable defense
But the heart has a mind of its own

Your memory slips in this tug of war
Passion wins again, you’re not even keeping score
Good sense and reason will have their say
But still in the end, you know who’ll have its way

And the heart has a mind of its own
Follows its fantasy alone
You think your mind is set
But the fire makes you forget
That the heart has a mind of its own

Logic will tell you where you should not go
But you know so well your good friend Eros runs the show

Wisdom reminds you of skeletons past
But you make no bones that he’s an uninvited guest

The bottom line you pretend to know
Love is deaf and blind – I won’t say I told you so
You met your match, she left you flying blind
Now you find your chance to quit while you’re behind

‘Cause your heart’s in a bind of its own
Now that your little bird has flown
Time and time again you threw caution to the wind
And your heart …it’s your heart
And your heart has come apart
‘Cause your heart had a mind of its own

Electric and 12 string guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Electric guitar solo: Sasha Brusin
Bass: Billy Peterson
Drums: Greg Marsh
BG vocals: Scott Shelton, Herb Fernandez


First thing this morning I opened one eye
And across the pillow from me
I saw a gleam of sun and her beautiful smile
But there was more I could see
I had the sinking feeling my baby had some company
A different kind of vibe and a new reality

Both eyes open now I clearly see
By the crystal and the candle tree
Big gold belly and a smiling face
I believe he was laughing at me
Looking like a dude who’s chewed a lot of food
Nothin’ like a bare bellied fat guy to set the mood

Baby got a Buddha, her buddy all through the night
Swami of the nightstand laughin’ till the morning light
Now it’s not without some gratitude
For my baby’s peaceful attitude
But little brother Buddai, it’s you or me

He seems so happy, but doesn’t he understand that three’s a crowd
In the dead of night and all the livelong day he’s got something to laugh about
I’ll make a private bunk where the monk can sleep at night
I don’t care where she puts him just as long as he’s out of sight

Baby got a Buddha, she says he brings her peace at night
I know that he’s enlightened but I just don’t see the light
Mr Luck and Prosperity, you know our privacy’s a rarity
Little brother Buddai, it’s you or me

Baby got a Buddha, I’m trying hard not to be rude
But since he moved in I can’t seem to get the mood
How you ‘sposed to pop a chubby
Under the gaze of Baba Tubby
Little brother buddai, it’s you or me

Acoustic and electric guitars: Steve Grimes
Bass: Danny M
Drums: Greg Marsh
Dobro: Ken Emerson
Background vocals: Butch Wandfield


She said “the music is hot, they really got a lot of soul
Wouldn’t you say?” He said “yeah…..”
She said “I love a funky groove, you know it makes me want to move
I love the way it soothes the blues” He said, “yeah, I know what you mean”

Then like a cold fog the silence fell
He couldn’t make a sound, he couldn’t breathe so well
He had the key in the slot, ignition was on
He had his foot on the gas, but something was wrong

He was driving, driving, driving with the hand brake
Like a deer in the road, frozen in the head lights
Tried to think of something clever
But he couldn’t find the little lever
And he’s driving, driving with the hand brake on

She said “I gotta get out on the floor and shake something loose, what do you say?”
He said “yeah, I think you should”
She said “it could be good for the gander if it’s good for the goose”
He said “yeah, it’ll do you good”

She was a free wheel, a loose caboose S
he had little to gain, and nothing to lose
He saw the green light and he wanted to go
But then he looked in his mirror and his heart said “no, no, no”

He was driving, driving, driving with the hand brake on
He wanted to burn some rubber, but the chance was gone
He couldn’t find the words to say
‘Till she was out the door, and gone away
Cause he’s driving, driving with the hand brake on

She heard a bit of urgency in the sounds that he uttered
But he pulled up the emergency, and his wheels froze and his motor sputtered

He was a cautious soul with a guarded heart
Stuck in a hole, looking for a jump start
He wanted to speak, but wasn’t up to the task
She knew what it was, she didn’t have to ask

He was driving, driving, driving with the hand brake
Dogged by the memory of bad love that he can’t shake
She was giving him the green light
But he stalled at the stoplight
Just surviving, driving with the hand brake on

“Uhhhh … what’s all this smoke?
I don’t see no fire
Must be some old flame
Somebody’s burning desire”.
He’s burnin’, burnin’, burnin’, burnin’, burnin’ out

Electric guitar: Steve Stusser
Drums: Mark Ivester
Bass: Billy Peterson
Backing vocals: Scott Shelton
Acoustic and high-strung guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes


Pase lo que pase
Anda con amor
Venga lo que venga
Deja el temor

Vocals: Dr Nat
Fretless bass: Danny M
Percussion: Lary Barilleau
Electric guitar solo: Sasha Brusin
Nylon acoustic and electric guitar: Steve Grimes


Couple years of boredom, I thought I’d flush away the gloom
Get out on the open road and book myself a room
In that little town of nowhere, and take it down a notch
Throw away the suit and digital watch
And catch some R&R down at the Hodgepodge Lodge

I’d been crawlin’ through the papers, climbing up the walls
Hiding from the ex and dodging the calls
Trying to stay one step ahead of all the lawyers and frauds
I needed to lose the blues and maybe pour myself a scotch
And see what’s cookin’ down at the Hodge Podge Lodge

Its a scramble for breakfast, some gumbo for lunch
Bouillabaisse for dinner, you know I shoulda had a hunch
I’d be right at home here with all the ends and odds
The mixed up mish mash down at the Hodgepodge Lodge

I got little to gain and nothin’ to lose
But this neck tie noose and white collar blues
I got to shake myself loose from all the cronies and snobs
Leave ‘em in the city where the dollar is god
And spend a little time down at the Hodgepodge Lodge

It’s a rag tag mixed bag but it suits me to a tee
A zig zag flea bag but it feels like home to me
I can’t escape the facts, you know the truth is hard to dodge
I got so much in common with the Hodgepodge Lodge

You can do just as you please
Just as easy as a breeze
One man’s Rolls is another man’s Dodge
This man’s Ritz is the Hodgepodge Lodge

National steel guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Slide guitar: Rick Vito
Drums: Marty Fera
Bass: Danny M
Harmony vocals: Lynn Peterson
Crowd vocals: The Hodgepodge Codgers


There’s a fire on the beach the night is full of shadows
There’s a breeze that blows her scent across the sea
There are stars enough to count the times I’ve missed her
And all the times I wondered what could be

There’s a dream that drifts with the sparks from the embers
And the memories so cold begin to stir
I’ve forgotten more than some men can remember
But I won’t forget the nights I spent with her

There’s no gold like a Rio sunrise
And no green like the passion vine
There’s no rose like my sweet Rosita
And no blue like this heart of mine

And all the things you thought were so real
May not always be just what they seem
They say to be careful what you wish for
But you can’t be careful what you dream

When the fire dies the shadows will surrender
I can see her just as clear as the morning star
Estou sonhando?, or am I just a good pretender
And am I destined just to love her from afar?

Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Sax: John Zangrando
Solo guitar: Marcos Amorim
Electric Guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Bass: Cliff Collins
Acoustic guitar: Ken Kennell
Percussion: Tato Melgar
Harmony vocal: Scott Shelton


It’s been a long dry spell
You know that money is tight
There’s little water in the well
And I ain’t feeling just right
I’m down in the mouth, people
Had no silver spoon
Ain’t no bout a doubt it
Be at the bottom soon

When you can’t even pay it back
I got way too much of nothin’
Not enough of what I lack
There’s no light in sight
How would I ever know
If the future’s bright

When you’re spinning wheels
Stuck in the muck
You need a shove
Nobody gives a yuck
If I had a dollar
I could pass the buck
But it don’t stop here
And I’m fish out of luck

I’m a bit out of whack
Just a tad out of sorts
I either take it on the chin
Sometimes I take it in the shorts
Seems like my bottom line
Has got nowhere to fall
I feel just like another
Brick in the wall

You can save every cent of your hard earned money
Watch every dime you spend
But just when you start to make ends meet
They move the ends

You know I need some weed
Or just some greener grass
Can I just put it on the card?
‘Cause I’m a little short of cash
Baby you might think
That I’m just blowing smoke
But it might be time to fix it
Cause I sure is broke

And I’m fish out of luck A fish out of water I’m fish out of luck

Electric guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Solo electric guitar: Sasha Brusin
Hammond B3: Ricky Peterson
Bass: Danny M
Drums: Greg Marsh
Backing vocals: Scott Shelton


I could bring in the paper, take out the trash
Find a new way to make some easy cash
‘Cause the stash in my closet disappeared without a clue
When you carry your stuff I’ll hold the door for you
But I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew
I’m no Handy Andy – I won’t tell you no lie
I don’t shoot for the stars, just like to hang where they are
And I never set my bar too high

I might bring you the spare when u lock your keys in the car
Just to show you I care I won’t make you walk too far
But I could use a little bread you know, cause I’m in a jam
My ambition is to be everything I am
I got to admit that I’m my biggest fan
So if you’re looking for a man who likes to just get by
Well then I might be your kind of guy
If you haven’t set your bar too high

“What’s too high?”
Like the corn on the fourth of July
“What’s too low?”
“Too low” ain’t a word I know
Back in school I weren’t nobody’s fool
I learnt to never never never
Don’t ever set my bar too high

Got no interest in chasing unreachable goals
I’m happily hapless, an unsavable soul
I make enough to provide – put beer on the table
Now I don’t want to exceed my limitations
Don’t want to live up to no high expectations
I’m here to relax just as long as I am able

I’ll say it again – it’s not my style to do or die
And I never set my bar too high
“What’s too high?”
I never set my bar too high
“What’s too low?”
Try not to set my bar too high
And from way down here – the counter of the bar’s too high

Electric guitar solos: Sasha Brusin
Bass: Tim Hackbarth
Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Hammond organ: Jerry Kovarsky
Sax: Rock Hendricks
Harmony vocals: Scott Shelton, Herb Fernandez


There was a time when time was ours
You could make it stand still
You pulled the strings and I’d jump through rings
A puppet at your will
You’d say yes and I couldn’t say no
I thought I knew but now I know
Had no right to feel that good
But I finally understood

Two sides of the coin can’t see
That which is or will never be
So close and yet so far
Things is just the way they are

Didn’t listen to my eyes and ears
Or pay attention to the fears
I was talking like I lost my feet
Walking down on Dreamer Street
We was day and night, night and day
Black and white, no shades of gray
Two dimensions split in half
We were living in some photograph

Well I don’t know what I was thinkin’ of
Maybe mistook need for love
Tried to curb my appetite
But had to savor every bite

I was love dazed – had a bad case
Lover I didn’t want to recover
Took a full dose, and God knows
I never should’ve ever had another

Left and right, right or wrong
All of my resistance gone
It was easy come but hard to go
The sky above and hell below
Played a hand and bet it all
Took a chance and took a fall
I felt the fever of your touch
Found that fire could cool so much

Well I don’t know what I was thinkin’ of
But I was down to be a fool for love
So close is still a miss
Things is just the way it is

I was love dazed – had a bad case
Lover I didn’t want to recover
Took a full dose, and the devil goes
“Are you ready, are you ready, for another?”

Bass: Chuck Deardorf
Drums: Mark Iverster
Acoustic and electric slide guitar, solo guitar: Joe Caro
Electric guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Harmony vocal: Scott Shelton


There’s a whole lotta hype it’s all that you hear
If you experience elections lasting longer than four years (call your doctor)
It’s just a goat rodeo – ‘nough to bring you to tears
It’ll mess with your mind and play on your fears

There’s dung flying, gossip and lying
It’s all a reality show
You can make and break the rules
If you got the dough
They’re all save-face, political hacks
Who make their case with alternative facts

They call that news, .but it’s a bad blues
It ain’t nothin’, nothin I can use
I cut myself loose and set myself free
‘Cause if that’s news, that’s news to me

A politician, corporatician, it’s Oz behind the screen
Impersonator, masquerader, a ghost in the machine
Publicity hound making the rounds on TV
You put lipstick on the pig, it’s still a pig to me

There’s no denying it’s fact defying
They don’t wanna see the proof
It don’t feed into the greed
They got no need for the truth
There’s breaking news, but it’s the truth that’s being broken
And the spin from Mr Thin Skin is better left unspoken

It’s the bad bad political blues
And it’s something I can’t seem to lose
It’s all fact free, and hyperbole
It may be real for you, but fake news to me

Electric guitar, vocals: Steve Grimes
Electric guitar solos: Steve Stusser
Drums: Mark Ivester
Bass: Chuck Deardorf
Organ: Dickie Tilton
Backgroud vocals: Kelly Covington


Some folks just wait for their ship to come in
Counting on a number in the lottery win
Waiting for McMahon to call
Hope they’re going to win it all
And pray that gold will pave their way
Planning on a scam or a genie in a lamp
For life to be a cabaret

Then again there’s a man with a different plan
He’s Mister DIY, this guy, he’s a self made man
Grew up through the cracks
A wind blown seed, of the toughest weed
Went from the bottom to the top
Where he still won’t stop
He’s a man of a different breed

He’s a free wheel – rolls his own way,
As sure as night and day, I’d say, he’s the real deal
He’s pure bred, he’s a tide turner
You’d be lucky my friend to have him in your corner

Got the pedal to the metal and he’s full speed ahead
If he can’t live it to the hilt, he’d say
“I’d be better off dead”
If you don’t call it straight, he won’t hesitate
You know he’s going to call your bluff
If you tell it like it is, he’s a gem of a gent
He’s a diamond in the rough

He’s got hair of silver, and a heart of gold
All the feats of a lifetime in a song can’t be told
He made it to elite, but still don’t miss a beat
With the man on the street
He’s sometimes tough, but just beneath the gruff
There’s the oh so sweet

He’s the real deal, he’s solid gold
When God made Fred he said, “think I broke the mold”
He’s old school, he ain’t nobody’s fool
He’s Fred and that’s all that needs to be said
He’s Fred, ‘nough said, and that’s all

Piano: Eric Verlinde
Drums: Mark Ivester
Solo guitar: Sasha Brusin
Acoustic bass: Bruce Phares
Harmony vocals: Pamela Polland
Rhythm guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes


Google me baby, search me inside out
Google me baby till there ain’t no doubt
Don’t you want to know what I’m all about

Wiki me honey then do it some more
Wiki me now, then you’ll know for sure
I got the kind of love you’ve been searching for

Why don’t you blog me mama, blog me all night long
Blog me baby till I’m too far gone
Keep me logged in honey till the break of dawn

Plug me in, boot me up
Log me in, scroll me down
Queue me up, stream me on
Download me baby ‘till my memory’s gone

Why don’t you browse me baby
Surf me the whole night through
You arouse me baby
When you do me like you do
You got my password honey
You don’t need no secret clue

Gigibyte me baby, byte me till it gigahertz
Gigibyte me mama ‘till you sound my alerts
Don’t you want to know if my hardware works

Tweet me baby you tweet me oh so sweet
Tweet me like a man you knock me off my feet
I won’t unfriend you, if you don’t delete me

Now if you’re just phishing then I’m not your man
Don’t give me no cookies – I won’t give you no spam
You can be sure that this ain’t no scam
Awwww baby baby you know how I am

Bass: Tim Hackbarth
Drums: Kerry Soflay
Electric guitar solo: Sasha Brusin
Hammond organ: Jerry Kovarsky
Electric guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Sax: Rock Hendricks

The Ocean Road CD Credits

All songs composed and arranged by Steve Grimes except: Why?, written and arranged by Steve Grimes and Steve Stusser

This Will Make You Laugh, written by Irene Higginbotham

All songs except This Will Make You Laugh copyright 2016 by Steve Grimes (Lowfat Music). All rights reserved.

Produced by Steve Grimes and Eric Helmkamp
Engineered by Eric Helmkamp

Additional engineering by Chris Rahm (song 1), Milan Bertosa (song 4), Sébastien Laurendeau, Matt Pini (song 4), Deva Griffin-Grimes (song 6), Tom Lelli (song 7), and Lynn Peterson

Mixed by Eric Helmkamp
Mastered at Independant Mastering, Nashville, TN
Many thanks to all the folks who helped me put this album together:
Eric The Wizard Helmkamp, Steve Stusser, Sasha Brusin, Jake Shimabukuro, Phil Deangelis, Toby Couture, Bob Rock, Kerry Sofaly, Phil Grimes, Keola Beamer, Bertram Levy, Rod Cook, Chris Rahm, Bruce Phares, Stephen Geyer, Billy Peterson, Joe Caro, Wilmont Kahai‘ali‘i, Andrew Fowler, Deborah and Michael Rybak, Steve Sargenti, Tom Lelli, Rick Ravenscroft, Mike Mateski, Marty Baum, Scott Shelton, Bob Lang, Homero González and Marcel Fernandez of Robert Lang Studios in Seattle ,WA, and special appreciation for the patience, love , and musical acuity of Mary Anna Grimes, and to all the kids of her class of 2014 of Sacred Hearts School, Lahaina, HI: Erin, JP, Max, David, Summer, Brandon, Nicole, Carter, James, Krishna, and Chanel whose wonderful voices and energy gave new life to one of my oldest songs: Where In The World Are The Whales? , and to Ariana, Krystel, Sherlynn, Cameron and Landon of Sacred Hearts School, whose voices grace one of my newest songs: Mālama Your Mama
Graphic design by Steve Grimes

Technical graphics assistance from Gill Brooks (
CD cover photo/art of the voyaging canoe Mo‘okiha O Pi‘ilani by Steve Grimes
Booklet cover photo by Bob Bangerter (
Inside CD cover photo and this page photo (Raising Swain’s Island) by Keli Takenaga
Other photo credits as noted.

Does Anybody Hear? is an homage to my friend Aram Gurian
All acoustic guitars, ukes and mandolins on this album by Grimes Guitars
For more information please visit:

The Ocean Road CD Credits


A child will ask you why the sky is blue
And why the grass is wet with morning dew
What makes rain paint colors in the sun?
And fireflies light up when day is done

Why are there things they say you shouldn’t know?
Why is heaven high and hell below?
Who’s the master of creation?
And to every explanation

They ask why ……. then they ask you why
More questions than raindrops from the sky
They wonder why…

Soon they’ll wonder why a love so sweet
Can be so fragile and incomplete
Why do lovers break each other’s heart?
How can love so strong just fall apart?

Why do they say that love can conquer all?
When all too often love’s the one to fall
It’ll always be a mystery
It’s a war and love’s a refuge

Tell them why .. you must know why
But no answer ever falls from the sky
And you don’t know why

Questions linger on a love that died
Perhaps it’s greener on the other side
They say it’s better to have loved and lost
Words from those who’ve never paid the cost

Tell me why …. I still ask why
The only answer that ever falls from the sky
Is why ask why?

Try….. I try and try
But no reply will appear high in the sky
There will never be a reason or rhyme
You can wonder until the end of time

So why ask why? Why ask why?
Tell me why (because…)
Tell me why (becasue…)
Tell me why (becasue…)
Because (why?,,,)
Because (why?,,,)

12 string guitar, Nashville tuned guitar: Steve Stusser
6 string acoustic guitar, vocals: Steve Grimes
Electric guitar: Rod Cook
Bass: Billy Peterson
Drums: Marty Fera
Harmony vocal: Scott Shelton
String arrangement: Toby Couture
Photo: Shawn McLaughlin


It was a time when times were a-changing
And we were singing about saving the world
I was listening to words of wisdom
While I waited for my dream to unfurl

I was standing in the mud in the Woodstock rain
With the feeling you were close somewhere
In the darkness I was riding on the peace train
And I swear that I could feel you there

There was peace and love Lord knows there was plenty of
But where were you when I was twenty my love?

We were marching the mall in Washington
And for peace we were taking our stance

And I thought I heard you join in singing
“All we’re saying, is give it a chance”

There was peace, and love Lord knows we need plenty of
But where were you when I was twenty my love?

Now in this space, this wrinkle in time
We’re feeling like it’s all so brie
If love hadn’t been so deaf and blind
It could have saved us so much grief

Now we’re living in times that have changed
And years lost can never be found
But the love we’d have started at twenty
Would pale to what’s here and now

‘Cause there’s peace and love Lord knows we have plenty of
And you make me feel Like I’m twenty my love

Yes there’s peace and love Lord knows we have plenty of
And you make me feel Like I’m twenty, my love

Guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Upright Bass: Danny Maeola
Harmony vocal: Herb Fernandez
Harmonium: Eric Helmkamp

The Ocean Road

(inspired by the commitment, dedication and passion of Hawaii’s voyaging canoe sailors, who navigate by traditional wayfinding – using no instruments)

I am a voyager on the open sea
From the world of walls I heard the call that set me free
I sail for peace of mind and new points of view
To know what is to know and what is true

I am a mariner whose fate is cast
I run with the current, steering through the past
The more I see the more there is to see
I’m a searcher, a lover of discovery

And the wind whispers through my mind
And the sun and stars will help to find
The course to follow to our destiny
Across the Ocean Road

To see your destination
You must see where you have been
To see the journey’s end, you know where to begin
We sail without, and we sail within
Through the wisdom of the ancient ones who live again

As the breeze slips across the sea
And this ease I feel come over me
The birds, the moon will tell me what they see
Out on the Ocean Road

We try to tie the line from distant time
To all the common bonds that intertwine
Strangers we meet become strange no more
Sisters and brothers, who welcome us ashore

‘Cause the wind is the common air we breathe
And the sea and stars the signs we heed
As we venture on to unfamiliar shores

Acoustic guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Background vocals: Scott Shelton
Harmonica: Steve Sargenti
Percussion: Paul Marchetti
Synth effects: Marty Baum, Eric Helmkamp
Bass: Ty Jonasson

Malama Your Mama

Written for the 8th grade class of Sacred Hearts School, Lahaina, HI
who adopted the theme of Hawaii’s voyaging canoe Hokule’a on her
round the world voyage “mālama honua” – take care of the planet

The people you love, you better hold on to
You got to give them your time and the best that you do
Don’t let them stray too far away
You got to love ‘em like there won’t be another day
‘Cause nothing can be better than good family and friends
So make sure that the bond you share never ends
‘Cause if you let it go you may never get it back – and that’s just a fact, Jack

So mālama your mama, mālama your dad
Mālama ‘ōhana, the people you have
Your uncle your cousin, your neighbors too
It’s our kuleana to do all we can do

The world we know is changing fast
So much we take for granted will never last
And once it’s gone you know it’s gone for good
For the things we’ve been blessed with we should knock on wood
Wherever you wander, wherever you roam
It’s one roof we’re under, we’re all here at home
This planet is an island and the sky is the sea
It’s your land, it’s my land, so I’m sure you’ll agree

To mālama the ‘āina, there’s so much to do
Not just in Lahaina ‘cause the world needs you too
It’s gonna take all of us but it starts with you
So mālama yourself, ‘cause that’s the first thing to do

So wacha gonna do when it all comes down
When fake food’s all that comes up from the ground
When the fishes in the ocean all floatin’ on the top
Is that the only thing that’s gonna make us all stop?

And take a look around to find a better way
For every living species to see another day
Where all God’s creature’s aren’t living on the brink
And the sun shines down on a world in sync

So it’s time we all stop before it’s all gone
And there’s no time left to right the wrong
We gotta get down to it and we all gotta do it
Won’t you help me get started help me sing this song

About mālama honua taking care of the world
If we all kōkua every boy and girl
Every mama every papa every sister every brotha
Got to all get together try to help one anotha

Mālama your mama, mālama your dad
Mālama ‘ōhana, the teachers you have

Hawaiian words:
Mālama = take care of
Kōkua = help out
Kuleana = responsibility
‘Āina = land
‘Ohana = family
Honua = world/earth

Ukulele solo: Jake Shimabukuro
Acoustic guitars, ukulele, vocals: Steve Grimes
Bass: Ty Jonasson
Kids’ vocals: Ariana, Sherlyn, Kristel, Landon, Cameron
Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Percussion programming: Toby Couture, Matt Pini

This Will Make You Laugh

This will make you laugh
I staked my dreams on you
This will make you laugh
They never did come true

I took a chance on the one romance
And vowed it couldn’t miss
But I should have known never to judge
A heart by a kiss

This will make you laugh
I once believed in you
And for all my love You didn’t see it through

Of all the fools, I broke the rules
I love you still you see
This will make you laugh
But it’s not funny to me

Piano: Eric Verlinde
Upright Bass: Bruce Phares
Guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Drums: Mark Ivester
Guitar solo: Phil Deangelis
Photo: Steve Grimes

Where In World Are The Whales?

The Blue Whale’s the largest of all of the mammals
And the deep sea is their paradise
The Sperm Whales swim down so far underwater
‘Cause they think the deep sea squid taste nice

Oh where in the world are the whales?
Where do they wander way under the waves?
What would you tell them if somebody wondered
Where in the world are the whales?

The Right Whale’s the rarest of sights to see
Not often do you hear “thar she blows!”
The Grey Whale’s the gypsy of all the world’s oceans
From the Bering Sea to old Mexico

Oh where in the world are the whales?
Where do they wander way under the waves?
What would you tell them if somebody wondered
Where in the world are the whales

The Humpbacks they swim the world over
And they sing wherever they go
The Killer Whales visit the
Puget Sound waters
When they see ‘em the seals scream “oh no!”

Oh where in the world are the whales?
Where do they wander way under the waves?
What would you tell them if somebody wondered
Where in the world are the whales?

Fingerstyle guitar: Phil Grimes
Concetina: Bertram Levy
Hawaiian nose flute: Keola Beamer
Acoustic guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Vocal chorus: Sacred Hearts School Class of 2014
Harmony vocals: Lynn Peterson

Maravilha Pequena

Small wonder we’re so night and day
They say that will always finds its way
The mystery of how this love struck gold
No fortune teller could have ever told

Minha maravilha pequena
Desde que te achei minha vida é plena
Neginha, dê teu amor só prá mim
Meu coração vai ser teu até o fim

I can’t remember a time or place
An hour a day before I saw your face
It seems like time agreed to start again
The moment this haggard heart heard your name

Minha maravilha pequena
Desde que te achei minha vida é plena
Neginha, dê teu amor só prá mim
Meu coração vai ser teu até o fim

Nylon string guitar solo: Sasha Brusin
Nylon string guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Upright bass: Danny Maeola
Harmony vocal: Luiz Matheus

Spend A Little Love

You can spend your time, you can spend your life
Following the dollar as the god of greed
But you always want just a little more
And you try to buy everything you need

Cause you bought what they sold you
About the schemer’s dream
And the low hanging fruit of the money tree
So you build love up, then you beat love down
Then you cry out when it can’t be found

But to fill your heart, and to feed your soul
Spend a little love, use the other gold
You can try to buy what you need inside
But it’s free to be satisfied

You know the poorest man and his Midas gold
He’s got everything that money can buy
But the richest man in his heart and soul
With everything that money cannot buy

When the deal is done and the chips are down
Where you gonna turn when luck is not around?
Cause you’re still looking at a losing hand
And your castles – you built in sand

And to satisfy your hungry heart
Spend a little love, your world won’t fall apart
You can try to buy what you need inside
But it’s free to be satisfied

Acoustic guitars, mandolin, vocal: Steve Grimes
Harmony vocal: Scott Shelton
Percussion: Kerry Sofaly
Drums: Paul Marchetti
Bass: Lex Luthier

Its All Good

Some people say that life’s a bitch
I guess for some that’s true
Others will tell you life is rich
It’s all your point of view

You can’t stop the storm that’s blowing your way
You can’t chase the clouds that darken the day
So just ride with the tide, and drift on the wind
And tomorrow … you do it again

So far, so good, whatever happens turns out as it should
The mysteries of life can’t be understood
But you know – it’s all good

Why carry the weight of the world on your shoulder?
Let the rain roll right off your back
When the wind is against you – take a different tack

If life is a wave we’re on for the ride
There’s nothing to save for the other side
And if you believe in life before death
Then live it, until the last breath

So far, so good, don’t stay in the shadow of where you stood
The mysteries of life can’t be understood
But you know….it’s all good

It’s all good, it’s all good
Whatever happens will be as it should
Live to the hilt this moment in time
And you’ll find .. it’s all good

Acoustic guitars, vocal: Steve Grimes
Cello: Brad Hawkins
String arrangement: Toby Couture
Harmony vocal: Lynn Peterson
Hawaiian phrase: Wilmont Kahaiali’i

Rose of Ballyroe

She’s the mistress of the meadow
She’s the maiden of the rain
And the spirit of the stones
From whence she grows
She will blossom spring and summer
She will bloom throughout the snow
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe

She surrounds herself with brambles
And the briars and the thorns
While her petals fall on crimson beds below
Why she blossoms though the winter
No man will ever know
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe

Oh so many men have braved
The bristle of her myriad thorns
And tried to take this flower for their own
But so well she knows love’s welcome
Is all too quickly worn
And as cold as the cobbled earth
From which this vine has grown

So she blossoms in the summer sun
And through December cold
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe

Mandolin, acoustic guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Drums: Paul Marchetti
Irish Low Whistle, Uilleann pipes, Scottish Smallpipes: Marty Baum
Percussion: Kerry Sofaly
Harmony vocals: Scott Shelton
Grand Highland Bagpipes: Roger McKinley

Does Anybody Hear?

When the wind blows through the trees
Does anybody hear?
When droning bagpipes play
Through the fog upon the bay

Is the sun still high above
When the mist lays on the ground?
When no one’s there to hear
Do these strings still make a sound?

Ohhh does anybody know?
Why it’s easy to hold on, and so hard to let it go
Ohhh…it’s still ringing in my ear
In the forest there’s a sound
Does anybody hear?

Waiting on the dawn of day
While the night plays on too long
As darkness fades to grey
Uilleann melodies still play

When the veil of night is gone
Only the piper plays the tune
And we will follow on, all too soon

Ohhh as anybody knows
It’s easier to hold on, and hard to let go
Ohhh he’ll stay ringing in my ears
In the forest there’s a song
Doesn’t everybody hear?
There will always be a song…

Tenor ukulele, guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Cello: Brad Hawkins
String arrangement: Toby Couture
Whistling: Keith McCrary
Harmony vocal: Lynn Peterson
Photo of “Finesse” at Manihi Atoll: Mike Duffy

Forever Endeavor

They say never say never because you never know
Life changes like the weather and storms will come and go
But you steered a course so fearless and bold
And you set your sights and sailed into my soul
And the world I knew just shifted on its pole

It’s never too late to fall when you finally get it right
And never too soon to realize that at last you see the light
In the dark the moon and stars showed us the way
To find this kind of love
We thought would never have its day

So I’ll never say never
And by the stars above
I’ll forever endeavor to be in this love

Like aging fine wine
You can’t taste true love before its time – it’s time

And I never knew that freedom
Was a gift that trust can give
And I’ve never known this feeling
That I’ve just begun to live
I was circling like a boat with just one oar
Always rowing back to where I’d been before
Good exercise, but there must be something more

Now I never say never
And by the hand of fate
We discovered a treasure – fashionably late
So I never say never
And by the stars above
I’ll forever endeavor to be in this love

Acoustic guitars, vocals, bass: Steve Grimes

Labor of Love Credits

All songs composed and arranged by Steve Grimes. Shaken And Stirred written by Steve Grimes
and Rick Ravenscroft. All songs copyright 2010 by Steve Grimes (Lowfat Music) All rights reserved.

Songs #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 recorded by Tom Hall, Melody Line Productions. Mixed by Milan Bertosa
Songs # 2, 3, 8, 9, 11 recorded and mixed by Dave Russell at Paia Town Recording
Songs # 5, 12 recorded and mixed by Tom Lelli at A’ala Reoording
Additional recording at Lexluthier Sound by Steve Grimes (songs 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13)
Horns on That’s News To Me arranged by Steve Grimes

Produced by committee by Steve Grimes, Walter Becker, Tom Hall, Stephen Geyer. Mixed at Independent Mastering, Nashille, TN

Photography: CD and booklet covers: Bob Bangerter (; Inside cover and booklet:
Greg Pecknold ( Artistic consultant: Greg Pecknold
Graphic design: Elen Gaion

For more info on this CD, player’s bio’s, photos and more, please visit
For more info on Grimes guitars and mandolins, and the instruments used in this recording,
please visit

One Of These Days is dedicated to a very good friend Rick Tollefson
Over The Waves is dedicated to our pal Barry Shannon, who co-founded Mana’o Radio on Maui

Labor of Love

Distant Star

Here in this old familiar place
In this vast and vacant space
Distance measures in the years
Some memories measure in tears

I keep denying that it’s true
Convince myself it’s all taboo
In the dimension where you hide
Like the dark side of the moon

And in this silent universe
I see, one shining certainty
The brightest star and darkest night
Still fade in early morning light

When time has reached eternity
Then this space will cease to be
However near or far you are
I’ll still dream on a distant star

Electric lead guitar: Sasha Brusin
Saxophone: David Choy
Keyboards: Gilbert Emata
Bass: Hutch Hutchinson
Drums: Josh Greenbaum
Electric guitar: Steve Grimes

I’m Dying To Know

I’m dying to know the reason for life
A meaning for all the struggle and strife
I’m dying to know if there’s life after death
If the party goes on, when I breathe my last breath

And god only knows, but I’m dying to ask,
If I can’t I take it with me, can I make it last?
They say the minute you’re born that’s when you start dying
So I’m gonna live now, or I’m gonna die trying

I’m dying to know
Will I pay when I go
For flying too high
For living too low
Can’t figure it out for the life of me
But I’m dying to know, I’m dying to know

I’m dying to know about reincarnation
They say we evolve the next time around
But it’s hard to come back from eternal damnation
If hell is your home, when you’re down you’re down

Where is the answer, why can’t I see
The question to be, or not to be
Why, where and when, and how will I go
For the life of me I’m dying to know

Ashes to ashes
It’s dust to dust
I’ll pay when it’s over
Pay if I must
No time for faith, and too late for trust
Ah, what the hell

Late one night in this dream I was flying
Took a red eye flight, and flew out of my bed
Easy as a breeze, this thing called dying
Not a care in the world if I wake up dead

But before I go I’m dying to see
A miracle or two appear to me
They sat have faith and try not to think
We all believe in something
I believe I’ll have another drink

Electric guitar: Rick Vito
Drums: Mike Buono
Bass: Bob Harrison
Organ: Gilbert Emata
Acoustic guitars: Steve Grimes

Moving To Maui

We’re gonna move over to Maui
Buy some land next door to you
You know we’re movin’ to Maui
Buy that lot next door to you
We’ll cut down all those big trees
Because they just obstruct our view

You know we’re movin’ upcountry
And buy ten acres next to you
We’re gonna move on up to Kula
Build our McMansion next to you
We’ll make it look like California
By the time we get through

My wife just got her license
To sell your real estate
And we got tons of money
So we can hardly wait

Till we move to Makena
And make some money off your land
We’re gonna a make a dollar profit
For every single grain of sand

You know it just might take some time
To let these people know
That they got something special
But they’re moving way too slow

That’s why we’re movin’ to Lahaina
Make it look like Neverland
We’re gonna sell it two years later
And make a quick nine hundred grand

Yeah we’re movin’ into your hood
A little change is overdue
The bank account is lookin’ good
We’re buying up the avenue
If you don’t like our way of living
Then you know what you should do

Drums, lead vocal, Telecaster guitar: Bob Jones
Electric guitar: Steve Grimes
Bass: Tim Hackbarth
Organ: Gilbert Emata

One Of These Days

It doesn’t seem real
It doesn’t seem right
Something so big
Could slip right out of sight
A redwood in the wind
That stood so tall
So straight and strong
We thought you’d never fall

You can’t stop the storm
Or keep the thunder away
Can’t roll back the night
Can’t slow the break of day
So easy to say
There weren’t enough years
So hard to forget
All the laughter and tears

One of these days
Who knows where, who knows when
One of these days
We’ll play those songs again
We’ll be there of that you can be sure
We’ll be knocking at your door
One of these days

And you lived and loved in a big way
And you played that beat in a big way
And we’ll miss you - in a big way

A heart so big
Like a man and a half
A smile like lightning
And a thundering laugh
Like seeds of the weeds
Lost in the wind
Somewhere sometime
We’ll find you again

Acoustic lead guitar: Steve Stusser
Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Percussion: Paul Marchetti
Bass: Bob Harrison
Electric and nylon string guitars: Steve Grimes


Out of the woods, a tune through the trees
A tone from the timbre, adrift in the breeze
The sound of the woods sustains for so long
They say what doesn't kill you, in the end makes you strong

Out of the wood I hold in my hands
Will come songs about lovers and dreams made of sand
A tune in the making, tall stories to tell
I know some gifted musician will tell the tale well

This labor of love I held for so long
That melody now is another man's song
This wood and steel can play the blues
That now I feel I’m lucky to lose

They say wood has a memory, it will soften and bend
And teaches a lesson I learned in the end
No need to hold on to a single regret
I've got things to remember, and things to forget

You can't unbreak what's broken, or roll back the years
You can't unsay what's spoken, or uncry a tear
And my eyes now open, it all seems so clear
I see the thick and thin I was in, slowly disappear

I'm lucky to love what I held for so long
That melody now is another man's song
She's rosewood and steel, maple and spruce
These blues I feel, I’m lucky to lose

Out of the woods I stand in the clear
When the melody changes, I'll play it by ear
They tell you never look back, but one thing I know
The memories follow wherever I go

Lead acoustic guitar: Barry Flanagan
Drums, percussion: Paul Marchetti
Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, mandolin: Steve Grimes
Bass: Bob Harrison
Harmony vocal: Caley Conway

Over The Waves

He was a radio man
And he could talk the talk
But with a dream and little more
He surely walked the walk

He had a plan he had a vision
Of sending music everywhere
This man was truly on a mission
And he put magic in the air

A million tales and vivid stories
Mana’o that he freely gave
And an endless repertory
Beaming over the waves

He was a virtual musician
And the muse was in his heart
To the end a true magician
And the airwaves was his art

The rhythm inside is quiet now
But the beat goes on and still somehow
His signal is strong
And the song goes on and on
Over the waves
Over the waves

You hear a lot of people talking
About the things they’re gonna do
And their grandiose ambitions
After their deal goes through

But the radio man
Could make a dream come true
He got the ship to come in
Before his show was through

Now he’s sailing calmer waters
Broadcasting on another phase
I think I hear familiar sounds
Coming over the waves

Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Bass: Cliff Collins
Acoustic guitar: Ken Kennell
Electric guitar: Steve Grimes
Dobro: Rob Ickes
Harmonica: Norton Buffalo
Harmony vocal: Caley Conway

Perfect Stranger

There’s so many people
In this crowded little world
Searching for the perfect love
For the shell with the pearl
Looking everywhere
For the needle in the hay
And waiting while the years
And their chances slip away

Some people spend a life time
Falling in and out of love
It’s always just a case of
Too much or not enough
And they’re always waiting
For some sign from above
But the mind can make you blind
To what the heart’s been dreaming of

Then out of the blue
You meet a perfect stranger
Who feels more like a long lost friend
You know right then
That your heart is in danger
You know you might have found
The perfect stranger

They say the way to find
What you’re looking for
Just turn away and let it go
And you will find it at your door
But you played this waiting game
So many times before
Like the forest for the trees
You couldn’t see it anymore

And out of the blue
You meet a perfect stranger
Who feels more like a long lost friend
You know right then
That your heart is in danger
You know you might have found
Your perfect stranger
You know that you have found
The perfect stranger

Acoustic lead guitar: Pat Simmons
Harmonica: Norton Buffalo
Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Bass: Cliff Collins
Acoustic guitar: Steve Grimes

Shaken And Stirred

When the mountain starts to rumble
And things begin to fall
The shakin’ and tumblin’
Don’t worry me at all
But you give me a tremor
With your little game of hearts
My world starts to crumble
Like a house of cards

I thought I had
Solid ground beneath my feet
Then the earth starts a shaking
And tearin’ up the street
Used to be our love
Was solid as a rock
But that’s come and gone
And we can’t turn back the clock

You got me rattled – rumbled
Shaken and stirred
Embattled – Humbled
I can’t find the words
Don’t know my own mind
My vision is blurred
I’m rattled – rumbled
Shaken and stirred

I always thought
I could weather any storm
I could stand against the wind
Since the day I was born
But baby your cold front
Chills me to the bone
And I shudder and shiver
Like I’ve never known

You got me rattled – shakin’ in my boots
You got me rattled - way down to my roots
You got me rattled - I’m stumblin’ around
You got me rattled - the sky is tumblin’ down
You got me rattled, rumbled, shaken and stirred

Drums: Bob Jones
Bass: Tim Hackbarth
Electric guitar: Steve Grimes
Gypsy and slide guitars: Rick Vito
Percussion: Paul Marchetti

Slow Down

Note to self
A little tip for you and nobody else
Don’t be surprised to see it all
Slipping away, day by day
You know it but you let it go anyway

Look around
Check inside your mind’s lost and found
Find the reminder that you left there, somewhere
Back when you lived without a care

Slow down, don’t be in such a hurry for the sundown
There’s no need to worry ‘bout the rat race
And the breakneck pace
This world is spinning round
Hold on, take a little time before it’s all gone
Live it like today could be the last one
Just hold on
Till everything is said and done

Look around
You might be moving fast but you lost ground
Burning through your life in the fast lane
You know it’s such a shame
When you finally realize that it’s a losing game

Note to self
Got a little favor to ask of you
Don’t let the time still in front of you, turn into
All the things you think that you got to do

Hold back
You got the pedal to the metal in the fast track
You try to get it back but it’s long gone
Say so long
You can’t keep on like you been keepin’ on

Electric piano, organ: Gilbert Emata
Drums: Paul Marchetti
Bass: Bob Harrison
Tenor sax: John Zangrando
Electric guitar: Steve Grimes
Background vocals: Cliff Collins, Caley Conway


There's a whole lot of hype going down
It's all that you hear
If you experience elections
Lasting longer than four years(call the dr.)
It's all a media frenzy
Enough to bring you to tears
They’ll mess with your mind
And play on your fears

There's rumors flying, gossip and lying
The news is just show time
OJ's in the big house
Doing time for the crime
They got Tiger up a tree
And the party's just begun
Give the world a sneaky peek
Make a fool of anyone

They call that news
But its a river of blues
I can't handle more scandal
I think I'm about to blow a fuse
I don't buy much of what I hear
Or what I read
‘Cause if that's news
Well that's news to me

Everywhere you turn
There's Jesse and Reverend Al
They got a smidgen of religion
They're way holier than thou
The reverends Swaggert and Haggard
With their private girls and boys
Warren Jeff’s got ten wives
It's all a bunch of noise

They're just virtue vendors, soul menders
You're damned if you don't or you do
Its all a magic act, and the cards are stacked
However you play you lose
It's all pulp in the papers, and tabloid TV
It's all spurious spin, and pablum to me

That's not news
They're just streaming the blues
If you tune it all out
Boy you got nothing to lose
It's got little to do with reality
‘Cause if that's news, well that's news to me

Don't want to stay at the Paris Hilton,
Or the Brittany Hotel
Don't want to hear a litany
Of all the latest kiss and tell
Publicity hounds
Making the rounds on TV
Dress it up as the news
It's still a pig to me

I need some true news
Not a river of blues
Give me something real
Something I can use
He said mission accomplished
Fait accompli
But if that's news
Well that's news to me

Timbales, percussion: Paul Marchetti
Saxophone: Craig Buhler
Percussion and drum loops: Herb Fernandez
Drums: Mike Buono
Sordu: Kerry Sofaly
Slide guitar: Rick Vito
Guitars, bass, vocals: Steve Grimes
High vocal: Tom Hall

Timeless Love

So easy to touch love
And so hard to hold love
Promises made of
Things better left untold

How could you not see
The way that you owned me
A heart from the start
For you and you only

Why we wander on
Hunting for a heart
A thousand miles gone
But only an inch apart
From timeless love

How empty the night is
Somehow I still hear you
The whisper you made
Your breath in my ear

I’m here but I’m there
So far but I’m near you
Close as the clothes you wear
A heart near enough to hear

And it’s just a simple man
Still as the northern star
No complicated plan
And little to understand
Than timeless love

The things you would see
If you could see through me
The things you would know love
If you only knew me.

Percussion: Paul Marchetti
Acoustic guitar and nylon guitar, bass: Steve Grimes

What They Say

They say the bird’s in the hand
And the cat’s in the bag
They say that when he’s away
The mice gonna play

And every dog has his day
Just let the sleeping ones lie
He’s all bark and no bite
But once bitten twice shy

They say a fool and his money
Like castles made of sand
In the land of milk and honey
Do or don’t you’ll be damned

They say the best things are free
And what will be is gonna be
Love can’t be bought can’t be sold
Just ‘cause it glitters it ain’t gold

They say true love’s hard to find
So make hay when it shines
And when the blind lead the blind
Out of sight out of mind

They say you are what you are
Hey, you can’t win them all
They say the higher you are
The harder you fall

What it is, what they say
Who is they, anyway
Better to live for today
Than to die by cliche

If you’re down, with the spin
Then you’ll never win
So don’t care, what they say
You got to play your own way

They say all in love is fair
And lightning never strikes twice
You got to roll with the thunder
After the fire and ice

They say the luck of the draw
Like a roll of the dice
They say crime doesn’t pay
Though every man has his price

They tell you never say die
Until your well runs dry
I’ll live to see another day
Before the sweet bye and bye

Rick Vito: slide guitar
Jon Cleary: acoustic piano
Hutch Hutchinson: bass
Josh Greenbaum: drums
Steve Grimes: electric guitar