There’s a whole lotta hype it’s all that you hear
If you experience elections lasting longer than four years (call your doctor)
It’s just a goat rodeo – ‘nough to bring you to tears
It’ll mess with your mind and play on your fears

There’s dung flying, gossip and lying
It’s all a reality show
You can make and break the rules
If you got the dough
They’re all save-face, political hacks
Who make their case with alternative facts

They call that news, .but it’s a bad blues
It ain’t nothin’, nothin I can use
I cut myself loose and set myself free
‘Cause if that’s news, that’s news to me

A politician, corporatician, it’s Oz behind the screen
Impersonator, masquerader, a ghost in the machine
Publicity hound making the rounds on TV
You put lipstick on the pig, it’s still a pig to me

There’s no denying it’s fact defying
They don’t wanna see the proof
It don’t feed into the greed
They got no need for the truth
There’s breaking news, but it’s the truth that’s being broken
And the spin from Mr Thin Skin is better left unspoken

It’s the bad bad political blues
And it’s something I can’t seem to lose
It’s all fact free, and hyperbole
It may be real for you, but fake news to me

Electric guitar, vocals: Steve Grimes
Electric guitar solos: Steve Stusser
Drums: Mark Ivester
Bass: Chuck Deardorf
Organ: Dickie Tilton
Backgroud vocals: Kelly Covington