Its all under control
That’s what you tell yourself
You’ll get your life on a roll
Get your heart up on the shelf
You’re on an endless quest
To put lonely to rest
You jump in on a whim
And wish yourself the best

You tend to forget
That you’ve been here before
You paid the debt, with regret
But still you’re back for more

You say “mind over matter”
What were you thinking of?
Even after dreams have shattered
You still can’t get enough

‘Cause the heart has a mind of its own
Always as stubborn as a stone
You think your common sense
Is a formidable defense
But the heart has a mind of its own

Your memory slips in this tug of war
Passion wins again, you’re not even keeping score
Good sense and reason will have their say
But still in the end, you know who’ll have its way

And the heart has a mind of its own
Follows its fantasy alone
You think your mind is set
But the fire makes you forget
That the heart has a mind of its own

Logic will tell you where you should not go
But you know so well your good friend Eros runs the show

Wisdom reminds you of skeletons past
But you make no bones that he’s an uninvited guest

The bottom line you pretend to know
Love is deaf and blind – I won’t say I told you so
You met your match, she left you flying blind
Now you find your chance to quit while you’re behind

‘Cause your heart’s in a bind of its own
Now that your little bird has flown
Time and time again you threw caution to the wind
And your heart …it’s your heart
And your heart has come apart
‘Cause your heart had a mind of its own

Electric and 12 string guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Electric guitar solo: Sasha Brusin
Bass: Billy Peterson
Drums: Greg Marsh
BG vocals: Scott Shelton, Herb Fernandez