It’s been a long dry spell
You know that money is tight
There’s little water in the well
And I ain’t feeling just right
I’m down in the mouth, people
Had no silver spoon
Ain’t no bout a doubt it
Be at the bottom soon

When you can’t even pay it back
I got way too much of nothin’
Not enough of what I lack
There’s no light in sight
How would I ever know
If the future’s bright

When you’re spinning wheels
Stuck in the muck
You need a shove
Nobody gives a yuck
If I had a dollar
I could pass the buck
But it don’t stop here
And I’m fish out of luck

I’m a bit out of whack
Just a tad out of sorts
I either take it on the chin
Sometimes I take it in the shorts
Seems like my bottom line
Has got nowhere to fall
I feel just like another
Brick in the wall

You can save every cent of your hard earned money
Watch every dime you spend
But just when you start to make ends meet
They move the ends

You know I need some weed
Or just some greener grass
Can I just put it on the card?
‘Cause I’m a little short of cash
Baby you might think
That I’m just blowing smoke
But it might be time to fix it
Cause I sure is broke

And I’m fish out of luck A fish out of water I’m fish out of luck

Electric guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Solo electric guitar: Sasha Brusin
Hammond B3: Ricky Peterson
Bass: Danny M
Drums: Greg Marsh
Backing vocals: Scott Shelton