I heard you been talking ‘bout the things that I do
You don’t pull no punches baby since we’re through
You’re hitting pretty low with the things you say
Don’t matter to you if it’s true

You say I’m drinkin’ and hangin’ with trailer trash
High on the hog, and burnin’ cash
And slinkin’ around all over town
Livin’ it up, then trying to live it down

But don’t tell lies about me
Don’t tell stories that you know ain’t true
Dont tell lies about me
And I won’t tell the truth about you

I could tell a few tales about you
Some things that you’ve done
You know it’s sad but true
But I wouldn’t want that thing hangin’ on my head
Sometimes the truth is better off dead

‘Cause if rumors were rubies and gossip was gold
You’d be dripping in jewels
If I had me a dollar for every lie that you told
And all the times I was your fool

You don’t know how to leave bad enough alone
You love a tall tale like a dog loves a bone
What we had is over and done
But you aint finished havin’ your fun
You want to see how low we can go
But baby I don’t want to play no more

Don’t tell lies- your funky alibis
Cause when it comes to lies- you win the prize
So a word to the wise – don’t tell lies

Bass: Danny M
Drums: Marty Fera
Harmonica: Amos B. Haven
Hammond B3: Ricky Peterson
Electric guitar, vocals: Steve Grimes
Slide guitar, electric lead guitar: Rick Vito
Harmony vocals: Scott Shelton, Steve Grimes