I could bring in the paper, take out the trash
Find a new way to make some easy cash
‘Cause the stash in my closet disappeared without a clue
When you carry your stuff I’ll hold the door for you
But I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew
I’m no Handy Andy – I won’t tell you no lie
I don’t shoot for the stars, just like to hang where they are
And I never set my bar too high

I might bring you the spare when u lock your keys in the car
Just to show you I care I won’t make you walk too far
But I could use a little bread you know, cause I’m in a jam
My ambition is to be everything I am
I got to admit that I’m my biggest fan
So if you’re looking for a man who likes to just get by
Well then I might be your kind of guy
If you haven’t set your bar too high

“What’s too high?”
Like the corn on the fourth of July
“What’s too low?”
“Too low” ain’t a word I know
Back in school I weren’t nobody’s fool
I learnt to never never never
Don’t ever set my bar too high

Got no interest in chasing unreachable goals
I’m happily hapless, an unsavable soul
I make enough to provide – put beer on the table
Now I don’t want to exceed my limitations
Don’t want to live up to no high expectations
I’m here to relax just as long as I am able

I’ll say it again – it’s not my style to do or die
And I never set my bar too high
“What’s too high?”
I never set my bar too high
“What’s too low?”
Try not to set my bar too high
And from way down here – the counter of the bar’s too high

Electric guitar solos: Sasha Brusin
Bass: Tim Hackbarth
Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Hammond organ: Jerry Kovarsky
Sax: Rock Hendricks
Harmony vocals: Scott Shelton, Herb Fernandez