Some folks just wait for their ship to come in
Counting on a number in the lottery win
Waiting for McMahon to call
Hope they’re going to win it all
And pray that gold will pave their way
Planning on a scam or a genie in a lamp
For life to be a cabaret

Then again there’s a man with a different plan
He’s Mister DIY, this guy, he’s a self made man
Grew up through the cracks
A wind blown seed, of the toughest weed
Went from the bottom to the top
Where he still won’t stop
He’s a man of a different breed

He’s a free wheel – rolls his own way,
As sure as night and day, I’d say, he’s the real deal
He’s pure bred, he’s a tide turner
You’d be lucky my friend to have him in your corner

Got the pedal to the metal and he’s full speed ahead
If he can’t live it to the hilt, he’d say
“I’d be better off dead”
If you don’t call it straight, he won’t hesitate
You know he’s going to call your bluff
If you tell it like it is, he’s a gem of a gent
He’s a diamond in the rough

He’s got hair of silver, and a heart of gold
All the feats of a lifetime in a song can’t be told
He made it to elite, but still don’t miss a beat
With the man on the street
He’s sometimes tough, but just beneath the gruff
There’s the oh so sweet

He’s the real deal, he’s solid gold
When God made Fred he said, “think I broke the mold”
He’s old school, he ain’t nobody’s fool
He’s Fred and that’s all that needs to be said
He’s Fred, ‘nough said, and that’s all

Piano: Eric Verlinde
Drums: Mark Ivester
Solo guitar: Sasha Brusin
Acoustic bass: Bruce Phares
Harmony vocals: Pamela Polland
Rhythm guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes