A child will ask you why the sky is blue
And why the grass is wet with morning dew
What makes rain paint colors in the sun?
And fireflies light up when day is done

Why are there things they say you shouldn’t know?
Why is heaven high and hell below?
Who’s the master of creation?
And to every explanation

They ask why ……. then they ask you why
More questions than raindrops from the sky
They wonder why…

Soon they’ll wonder why a love so sweet
Can be so fragile and incomplete
Why do lovers break each other’s heart?
How can love so strong just fall apart?

Why do they say that love can conquer all?
When all too often love’s the one to fall
It’ll always be a mystery
It’s a war and love’s a refuge

Tell them why .. you must know why
But no answer ever falls from the sky
And you don’t know why

Questions linger on a love that died
Perhaps it’s greener on the other side
They say it’s better to have loved and lost
Words from those who’ve never paid the cost

Tell me why …. I still ask why
The only answer that ever falls from the sky
Is why ask why?

Try….. I try and try
But no reply will appear high in the sky
There will never be a reason or rhyme
You can wonder until the end of time

So why ask why? Why ask why?
Tell me why (because…)
Tell me why (becasue…)
Tell me why (becasue…)
Because (why?,,,)
Because (why?,,,)

12 string guitar, Nashville tuned guitar: Steve Stusser
6 string acoustic guitar, vocals: Steve Grimes
Electric guitar: Rod Cook
Bass: Billy Peterson
Drums: Marty Fera
Harmony vocal: Scott Shelton
String arrangement: Toby Couture
Photo: Shawn McLaughlin