The Ocean Road


(inspired by the commitment, dedication and passion of Hawaii’s voyaging canoe sailors, who navigate by traditional wayfinding – using no instruments)

I am a voyager on the open sea
From the world of walls I heard the call that set me free
I sail for peace of mind and new points of view
To know what is to know and what is true

I am a mariner whose fate is cast
I run with the current, steering through the past
The more I see the more there is to see
I’m a searcher, a lover of discovery

And the wind whispers through my mind
And the sun and stars will help to find
The course to follow to our destiny
Across the Ocean Road

To see your destination
You must see where you have been
To see the journey’s end, you know where to begin
We sail without, and we sail within
Through the wisdom of the ancient ones who live again

As the breeze slips across the sea
And this ease I feel come over me
The birds, the moon will tell me what they see
Out on the Ocean Road

We try to tie the line from distant time
To all the common bonds that intertwine
Strangers we meet become strange no more
Sisters and brothers, who welcome us ashore

‘Cause the wind is the common air we breathe
And the sea and stars the signs we heed
As we venture on to unfamiliar shores

Acoustic guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Background vocals: Scott Shelton
Harmonica: Steve Sargenti
Percussion: Paul Marchetti
Synth effects: Marty Baum, Eric Helmkamp
Bass: Ty Jonasson