Rose of Ballyroe


She’s the mistress of the meadow
She’s the maiden of the rain
And the spirit of the stones
From whence she grows
She will blossom spring and summer
She will bloom throughout the snow
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe

She surrounds herself with brambles
And the briars and the thorns
While her petals fall on crimson beds below
Why she blossoms though the winter
No man will ever know
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe

Oh so many men have braved
The bristle of her myriad thorns
And tried to take this flower for their own
But so well she knows love’s welcome
Is all too quickly worn
And as cold as the cobbled earth
From which this vine has grown

So she blossoms in the summer sun
And through December cold
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe
She’s the Rose of Ballyroe

Mandolin, acoustic guitars, vocals: Steve Grimes
Drums: Paul Marchetti
Irish Low Whistle, Uilleann pipes, Scottish Smallpipes: Marty Baum
Percussion: Kerry Sofaly
Harmony vocals: Scott Shelton
Grand Highland Bagpipes: Roger McKinley