Malama Your Mama

Written for the 8th grade class of Sacred Hearts School, Lahaina, HI
who adopted the theme of Hawaii’s voyaging canoe Hokule’a on her
round the world voyage “mālama honua” – take care of the planet

Hawaiian words:
Mālama = take care of
Kōkua = help out
Kuleana = responsibility
‘Āina = land
‘Ohana = family
Honua = world/earth

The people you love, you better hold on to
You got to give them your time and the best that you do
Don’t let them stray too far away
You got to love ‘em like there won’t be another day
‘Cause nothing can be better than good family and friends
So make sure that the bond you share never ends
‘Cause if you let it go you may never get it back – and that’s just a fact, Jack

So mālama your mama, mālama your dad
Mālama ‘ōhana, the people you have
Your uncle your cousin, your neighbors too
It’s our kuleana to do all we can do

The world we know is changing fast
So much we take for granted will never last
And once it’s gone you know it’s gone for good
For the things we’ve been blessed with we should knock on wood
Wherever you wander, wherever you roam
It’s one roof we’re under, we’re all here at home
This planet is an island and the sky is the sea
It’s your land, it’s my land, so I’m sure you’ll agree

To mālama the ‘āina, there’s so much to do
Not just in Lahaina ‘cause the world needs you too
It’s gonna take all of us but it starts with you
So mālama yourself, ‘cause that’s the first thing to do

So wacha gonna do when it all comes down
When fake food’s all that comes up from the ground
When the fishes in the ocean all floatin’ on the top
Is that the only thing that’s gonna make us all stop?

And take a look around to find a better way
For every living species to see another day
Where all God’s creature’s aren’t living on the brink
And the sun shines down on a world in sync

So it’s time we all stop before it’s all gone
And there’s no time left to right the wrong
We gotta get down to it and we all gotta do it
Won’t you help me get started help me sing this song

About mālama honua taking care of the world
If we all kōkua every boy and girl
Every mama every papa every sister every brotha
Got to all get together try to help one anotha

Mālama your mama, mālama your dad
Mālama ‘ōhana, the teachers you have

Ukulele solo: Jake Shimabukuro
Acoustic guitars, ukulele, vocals: Steve Grimes
Bass: Ty Jonasson
Kids’ vocals: Ariana, Sherlyn, Kristel, Landon, Cameron
Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Percussion programming: Toby Couture, Matt Pini