Its All Good


Some people say that life’s a bitch
I guess for some that’s true
Others will tell you life is rich
It’s all your point of view

You can’t stop the storm that’s blowing your way
You can’t chase the clouds that darken the day
So just ride with the tide, and drift on the wind
And tomorrow … you do it again

So far, so good, whatever happens turns out as it should
The mysteries of life can’t be understood
But you know – it’s all good

Why carry the weight of the world on your shoulder?
Let the rain roll right off your back
When the wind is against you – take a different tack

If life is a wave we’re on for the ride
There’s nothing to save for the other side
And if you believe in life before death
Then live it, until the last breath

So far, so good, don’t stay in the shadow of where you stood
The mysteries of life can’t be understood
But you know….it’s all good

It’s all good, it’s all good
Whatever happens will be as it should
Live to the hilt this moment in time
And you’ll find .. it’s all good

Acoustic guitars, vocal: Steve Grimes
Cello: Brad Hawkins
String arrangement: Toby Couture
Harmony vocal: Lynn Peterson
Hawaiian phrase: Wilmont Kahaiali’i