Does Anybody Hear?


When the wind blows through the trees
Does anybody hear?
When droning bagpipes play
Through the fog upon the bay

Is the sun still high above
When the mist lays on the ground?
When no one’s there to hear
Do these strings still make a sound?

Ohhh does anybody know?
Why it’s easy to hold on, and so hard to let it go
Ohhh…it’s still ringing in my ear
In the forest there’s a sound
Does anybody hear?

Waiting on the dawn of day
While the night plays on too long
As darkness fades to grey
Uilleann melodies still play

When the veil of night is gone
Only the piper plays the tune
And we will follow on, all too soon

Ohhh as anybody knows
It’s easier to hold on, and hard to let go
Ohhh he’ll stay ringing in my ears
In the forest there’s a song
Doesn’t everybody hear?
There will always be a song…

Tenor ukulele, guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Cello: Brad Hawkins
String arrangement: Toby Couture
Whistling: Keith McCrary
Harmony vocal: Lynn Peterson
Photo of “Finesse” at Manihi Atoll: Mike Duffy