Couple years of boredom, I thought I’d flush away the gloom
Get out on the open road and book myself a room
In that little town of nowhere, and take it down a notch
Throw away the suit and digital watch
And catch some R&R down at the Hodgepodge Lodge

I’d been crawlin’ through the papers, climbing up the walls
Hiding from the ex and dodging the calls
Trying to stay one step ahead of all the lawyers and frauds
I needed to lose the blues and maybe pour myself a scotch
And see what’s cookin’ down at the Hodge Podge Lodge

Its a scramble for breakfast, some gumbo for lunch
Bouillabaisse for dinner, you know I shoulda had a hunch
I’d be right at home here with all the ends and odds
The mixed up mish mash down at the Hodgepodge Lodge

I got little to gain and nothin’ to lose
But this neck tie noose and white collar blues
I got to shake myself loose from all the cronies and snobs
Leave ‘em in the city where the dollar is god
And spend a little time down at the Hodgepodge Lodge

It’s a rag tag mixed bag but it suits me to a tee
A zig zag flea bag but it feels like home to me
I can’t escape the facts, you know the truth is hard to dodge
I got so much in common with the Hodgepodge Lodge

You can do just as you please
Just as easy as a breeze
One man’s Rolls is another man’s Dodge
This man’s Ritz is the Hodgepodge Lodge

National steel guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Slide guitar: Rick Vito
Drums: Marty Fera
Bass: Danny M
Harmony vocals: Lynn Peterson
Crowd vocals: The Hodgepodge Codgers