The Ocean Road

Released November 2016

The Ocean Road – This album features 11 originals and one cover (one of my favorite Nat King Cole songs). Much of this collection is mellow, with acoustic ballads spiced with folk, latin, jazz, and Celtic. It also features two songs in which Iʻm assisted by a chorus of twelve and thirteen year old voices: Where in the World Are The Whales, and Mālama Your Mama, where Iʻm also helped out by Jake Shimabukuro on ukulele.

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Assorted Chocolates

Released April 2017

The box is open!! Help yourself!  This collection has thirteen originals and is chocked full of vim and vinegar, with good helpings of funk, blues, soul, rock and latin. I’m fortunate to have some of the best, and funkiest musicians playing on this record. How can one album swing from country rock to latin salsa? And from swing to swamp funk? I don’t know, but this one does.

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Labor of Love

Released June 2010

Labor of Love was my first solo ALBUM.

Labor of Love is a cool and passionate soundtrack for a wild musical ride through New Orleans, Brazil, Maui, and the dark side of the moon”, says Barry Flanagan,  of HAPA.

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