First thing this morning I opened one eye
And across the pillow from me
I saw a gleam of sun and her beautiful smile
But there was more I could see
I had the sinking feeling my baby had some company
A different kind of vibe and a new reality

Both eyes open now I clearly see
By the crystal and the candle tree
Big gold belly and a smiling face
I believe he was laughing at me
Looking like a dude who’s chewed a lot of food
Nothin’ like a bare bellied fat guy to set the mood

Baby got a Buddha, her buddy all through the night
Swami of the nightstand laughin’ till the morning light
Now it’s not without some gratitude
For my baby’s peaceful attitude
But little brother Buddai, it’s you or me

He seems so happy, but doesn’t he understand that three’s a crowd
In the dead of night and all the livelong day he’s got something to laugh about
I’ll make a private bunk where the monk can sleep at night
I don’t care where she puts him just as long as he’s out of sight

Baby got a Buddha, she says he brings her peace at night
I know that he’s enlightened but I just don’t see the light
Mr Luck and Prosperity, you know our privacy’s a rarity
Little brother Buddai, it’s you or me

Baby got a Buddha, I’m trying hard not to be rude
But since he moved in I can’t seem to get the mood
How you ‘sposed to pop a chubby
Under the gaze of Baba Tubby
Little brother buddai, it’s you or me

Acoustic and electric guitars: Steve Grimes
Bass: Danny M
Drums: Greg Marsh
Dobro: Ken Emerson
Background vocals: Butch Wandfield