There’s a fire on the beach the night is full of shadows
There’s a breeze that blows her scent across the sea
There are stars enough to count the times I’ve missed her
And all the times I wondered what could be

There’s a dream that drifts with the sparks from the embers
And the memories so cold begin to stir
I’ve forgotten more than some men can remember
But I won’t forget the nights I spent with her

There’s no gold like a Rio sunrise
And no green like the passion vine
There’s no rose like my sweet Rosita
And no blue like this heart of mine

And all the things you thought were so real
May not always be just what they seem
They say to be careful what you wish for
But you can’t be careful what you dream

When the fire dies the shadows will surrender
I can see her just as clear as the morning star
Estou sonhando?, or am I just a good pretender
And am I destined just to love her from afar?

Drums: Kerry Sofaly
Sax: John Zangrando
Solo guitar: Marcos Amorim
Electric Guitar, vocal: Steve Grimes
Bass: Cliff Collins
Acoustic guitar: Ken Kennell
Percussion: Tato Melgar
Harmony vocal: Scott Shelton